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EMS & Medical

We offer a variety of courses for EMS & Medical personel. All students will be provided a certificate of completion after course requirements are met and tests are passed. All courses meet or exceed required standards.

We are currently offering the following medical courses:


Course Name Course Credit Hours Individual Cost
Emergency Care Attendant (ECA/EMR) 64 Hour $645
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 150 Hour $1,500
Advanced Emergency Medical (AEMT) 250 Hour $2500
Medical Incident Command 6 Hour CE $50
Pediatric Assessment 4 Hour CE $30
Geriatric Populations 4 Hour CE $30
Stop the Bleed – Trauma Survival 2 Hour CE $30
CPAP 2 Hour CE $30
Jurisprudence Course and Exam 2 Hour CE $30